A Cambodian Artist (EN)

In Cambodia there is an extraordinarly rich traditon of theater and arts. Their roots plunge into the Angkorian civilisation. They have been growing during five centuries until the Khmer Rouge regime, from 1975 to 1979, got rid of artists.

In 1980, Kunthea ken is 12 years old. In Phnom Penh, the ruined University of Fine Arts reopens. Ten years of trying learning later - the dancer's morphology must literally bend to the demands of dance -, Kunthea will be part of the class that will revive the Art of Khmer Classical Dance. Also actress and popular dancer, she will become a dancer with the Royal Ballet of Cambodia and teacher at the University of Fine Arts in Phnom Penh. Several films about her will be produced.

After several world tours, Kunthea now lives in Brussels (Europe). She joins artistic projects highlighting her unique cultural contribution and her creativity. They benefit from her ability to adapt to genres as various as contemporary dance and hip hop ...

With Jetty Roels in Gent, Kunthea improved her knowledge of Indian Bharatanatyam. She now masters it almost perfectly.

She regularly sings Khmer repertoire.

And she introduces her audience to the sign language of Cambodian dance. With new creations inspired by the Reamkey - the Cambodian mythological epic - or mixed with elements of western culture, Kunthea endeavour to pass on her love for her country's culture.